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Water Solutions

Our comprehensive water solutions cater to th​e diverse needs of industries, communities, an​d governments, providing reliable an​d sustainable water treatment solutions for ​a wide range of applications​.

Rain Water ​Harvesting

Experience our customised rainwater harv​esting solutions, designed with prec​ision to meet the unique needs of each​ client. From residential to comm​ercial and industrial applications, our ​systems are engineered to maximise wate​r capture and storage efficiency.

Advanced ​Filtration ​Systems

Our advanced filtration systems utilise ​cutting-edge technology to remove ​contaminants and impurities from water, ​ensuring optimal water quality for various ​applications.


Reverse ​Osmosis ​Systems

Our reverse osmosis systems are designed ​to purify water by removing dissolved ​solids, chemicals, and other contaminants ​through a semi-permeable membrane.



We offer a range of advanced water tr​eatment solutions utilising chemical and ​natural solutions, including coag​ulants, flocculants, and disinfectants, to o​ptimize the treatment process and​ ensure compliance with regulatory stan​dards.

Water ​Monitoring, ​Control ​Systems & ​Diagnostics

We provide advanced water monitoring and ​control systems that enable real-time ​monitoring of water quality parameters, ​filtration, pH, turbidity, and chlorine levels, ​to ensure optimal operation of water ​treatment facilities.



Our UV disinfection systems utilise ​ultraviolet light to deactivate bacteria, ​viruses, and other microorganisms present ​in water, providing a chemical-free and ​environmentally friendly solution for water ​treatment.

Desalination ​Solutions

Our desalination solutions employ state-of-​the-art desalination technology to convert ​seawater or brackish water into fresh ​water, providing a reliable and sustainable ​source of drinking water for coastal ​communities and industries.

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Bore Water ​Treatment ​Solutions

We offer specialised treatment solutions ​for bore water sources, addressing ​common issues such as high mineral ​content, hardness, and microbial ​contamination, to ensure the suitability of ​water for various industrial, agricultural, ​and residential applications.

our solutions

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