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Essential Filtration provides intelligent solutions that help your business, keep the environment clean & reduce pollution!
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Efficient Wastewater Recycling

Essential Filtration can supply a wastewater treatment solution to meet your requirements.  Recycling Grey and Black water can be accomplished efficiently using the ESA Envirowater wastewater treatment system to produce Class A quality water in less than 24 hours. Class A recycled water can be reused for irrigation, in laundries and toilets. Reusing water for these purposes reduces the demand on potable water supplies. 
Our wastewater treatment systems are fully automatic with MCC sensors and alarms requiring minimal operator input  The treatment systems can be remotely monitored and integrated with water distribution systems.

Natures Technology at Work for You

ESA Envirowater systems use natural technology to clean water. This natural process is the key to keeping ongoing operating and maintenance costs to a  minimum. 

The fixed media bioreactor technology amplifies natures natural water cleaning process, cleaning even the most polluted water.  Detergents, solvents, and most other water pollutants are rapidly consumed to create Class A  or Class B water quality  depending on what level is required.

Recycling Industrial and Commercial Wastewaters

Essential Filtration can provide custom designed solutions that can clean industrial and commercially polluted water making it available for reuse. These systems have helped small hotels meet EPA discharge requirements and purified a Pulp Mills waste water for reuse as irrigation.
Automated treatment systems have been successfully applied to waste water from a Paint and Solvent factory to a Leather Treatment factory. These applications have been able to clean the waste water so it is available for reuse in the factory.

Reduce Your Water Bill

Reusing recycled water reduces the amount of potable water used for toilets, equipment wash down, laundry and irrigation.  If your business  receives an excess water use charge then you should install one of our water treatment/recycling systems.  Contact Essential Filtration to find out how we can assist your business.

Water Filtration - Membrane & Micron Technologies

We can provide filtration equipment to suit all types of water applications whether it is for potable water supply, processing bore water or desalination.  Filtration equipment  can be installed in portable systems.

Project Management

No situation is too big or small for the Essential Filtration systems. We can provide all the essential services to ensure your project is managed on time and on budget.  We provide turn-key project management to ensure the best application through:
  • Assessment
  • Design
  • Build
  • Installation
  • Commissioning 
  • Ongoing maintenance and Support
  • Compliance monitoring




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